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For the ship Bucky/ Toro of course :)


Aw, yay! Didn’t think I’d get asked this one :D (Sticking to my pyrography ‘verse, ‘cause it’s my most solid example of Winterspark.)

Who cooks:  Toro, because he’s home nearly all of the time - unless Bucky’s bought takeaway.

Who does the laundry and other chores:  Again, mainly Toro, but if Bucky has a day off he does his fair share to give him a break.

How many children do they have:  None; they’re pretty much still kids themselves.

Who’s more dominant: Bucky, though he doesn’t flaunt/abuse the fact. He knows what Toro likes and enjoys giving (Toro’ll reciprocate anyway).

Favorite nonsexual activity: Lazing in bed and listening to music (i.e. Frank Sinatra, courtesy of Jim. Bucky won’t admit that he likes the music, always claiming that he’s just indulging Toro).

Their favorite place to be together: Their attic above Jim and Steve’s shop. It’s theirs, and they have all the privacy they want.

Any traditions: Birthdays are always celebrated in the store, whether it’s Jim’s, Steve’s, Peggy’s, or one of theirs (and Namor’s, when they can convince him that yes it does need celebrating, and yes it has to be in the store). If it’s Bucky’s or Toro’s, they retreat upstairs early and celebrate in private.

Their “song”: They never intended to fall in love with Robbie Williams’ version of ‘Mack the Knife’, but after buying the CD for Toro and spectacularly failing to swing dance to it, neither can resist singing or dancing (solo) along to it.

What they do for each other on holidays: In summer, Bucky can be persuaded to pose for Toro’s pyrographs, and in winter, Toro makes sure the bed is always as warm as possible because Bucky hates the cold. 

Where did they go for their honeymoon: They’re not married, but Toro knows how desperate Bucky is to go to the Grand Canyon.

Where did they first meet: Jim and Steve’s art shop. Toro had just taken up residence in the attic, and Jim suggested Bucky share the space after he left school. After a week of Bucky coming to the shop to get to know Jim and Toro, it was clear they were going to be great friends.

Any pets: No. Toro once tried to adopt a stray cat, but it was having none of that.

What do they fight over: Bucky overworking himself. Money may be tight when Toro doesn’t have a commission, but that doesn’t mean Bucky has to work so hard he can barely stand when he comes back.

Do they go on vacations, if so where: To the beach mainly. They’ve never thought about travelling far and wide - day trips are all they can realistically manage.


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Diamonds Not Necessary


Every now and again, the town’s tiny little media shop would decide to host an open-air cinema screening at the park to raise a bit of cash. Toro had seen the posters and adverts but never had the urge to go - in fact, it was Jim’s fault that he ended up going to see Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, something Bucky found inexplicably funny until Toro held up the second ticket.

(Jim Hammond’s practically child-like excitement combined with Toro Raymond’s puppy eyes is a powerful force, frequently underestimated, rarely ineffective.)

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Open Call for Submissions to an Invaders Fanzine


Call for Submission to Invasion# 2

Hello Invader fans! I have mentioned to a few of you that I wanted to do a collaborative Invader fanzine and THAT TIME HAS COME!

I am looking for fanwork submission for Invasion#2

Why # 2, you ask, it’s to honor of The Human Torches numbering system of course LOL. No actually because #1 was a test run fanzine I printed up 15 copies of for the slash con Escapade just to get my toes wet, but I liked the name so this issue will be #2. It also creates a nice set up for differences between even and odd issues which I will get into in a second.

- If you are interested in taking part send an email to anakinbester@gmail.com
Subject Line: “Invaders Fanzine”

-Submission will be taken starting now through September 30th.
- Tell me what you want to submit and I will allot pages on a first come first in basis (So if you plan to send a three page story and two works of fanart I will allot you 5 pages)
- HOWEVER!! At the end of August though if you have made no progress I will open you slot up to other submissions.
- no more than 6 pages per person. They don’t have to be consecutive, so you can send for example. a drabble and two page essay, and a three page comic or any combination.

- The fanzine will be about 25 front and back pages, printed in black and white interior with a color cover and back.
- It will be home printed on normal paper with cardstock covers.
- Binding will be stables and duct tape (this is a high class project!)

Who Can You write About:
For the purposes of the fanzine, I will include fanworks about the following groups
From the comics: Any of the original Young Allies, Kid Commandos, Invaders, and the Liberty Legion. Isaiah Bradley is also fine, as are any of the respective villains.
From MCU: Howling Commandos and Peggy Carter, and Howard Stark, Villains from TFA are also fair game.
Modern Times Comics & MCU: Ann Raymond, Radiance, Agent Triplett (form AOS) and any other children or Grandchildren are also fair game.

Please, please, please though, remember this is not a Steve/Bucky fanzine. If you write modern or MCU Steve/Bucky you have got to connect to the Invaders dynamics somehow. Also the exception to children here is Tony Stark. Yes I’m including Howard, and yes I said children, but MCU Tony Stark is outside the scope unless he is simply include as a minor characters child in a fic with other Howling Commandos.

If you’ve got any questions just ask :)

Length of Fanworks
- Fanfics, Essays, and Comics should be between 1-6 pages
- Comics should work in an upright format at 8.5X11 size
- Drabbles are allowed (though multiple drabbles work best)
- Poetry is allowed
- Collaborations are allowed
- Art should be black and white line work, some shading and digital tones will be ok, but please nothing huge with grayscale as that as the same cost as color. They can be a full page, half a page, or 1/3 a page

Ok here is where I get into the even odd thing I mentioned. In order to make at least 1/2 of the Invasions good for everyone, what is ok depends on if the issue is odd numbered or even numbered.

Odd numbered issues will be:

- Any Rating is allowed
- Any ship is allowed
- PWP is allowed
- Pretty much whatever you like will go

Even issues will be:

- no graphic sex or violence (keep it PG-13)
- ships are allowed, but this is to be more gen focused.
- The following ships types are not allowed:
incest (including Jim/Toro), adult/minor
- PWP not allowed

So if it isn’t clear, Odd issues don’t have rules, even issues have rules. As this is issue# 2, all art, essays, and fics must abide by the rules for Even issues.

Again, any questions, just ask.

- There is no payment this is non profit for fun.
- If all contributors or ok, I would distribute FOR FREE issues at the App press con “Stables” but ONLY if all contributors are comfortable and again, no money, would be given out for free.

- I would like to make a digital copy available for free for download to all.
- Physical copies will cost 3.00. for all. THIS IS NOT PROFIT! THIS IS COST TO PRINT! and I am probably still taking a loss on ink.

So that is the fanzine I am looking to make. I am hoping I can keep this going with maybe two out each year. We shall see :D

And as always any questions, just ask!